The body in Yoruba

When I finished my MA thesis back in 2006 I made it available online as a gesture to the Yoruba community. It used to be available from my site until I changed servers. Then some good soul uploaded it at Scribd, where it continued to draw visits from various Yoruba forums; however, this happened without my permission and the file was out of my control. I asked the uploader to withdraw it so that I could distribute a slightly updated version here. Such requests never work of course, but still I want to try.

Please do not redistribute the PDF file below; instead point people to this page or give them the link That way I can update the file if need be, and everyone can be sure they get the most recent version.

The Body in Yoruba (2.45 MB)
Dingemanse, Mark. 2006. The Body in Yoruba: a linguistic study. MA Thesis, Leiden University.

One thought on “The body in Yoruba

  1. Thanks for this! I’m studying Yoruba and I was asked for an example of an ideophone. I’ll share the link!

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