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A visualization of the previous two posts on Many Eyes and Siwu ne

Because recursivity is a Good Thing, here is a visualization of the previous two posts on visualizing linguistic data with Many Eyes. The astute reader will note that the strange loop is not perfect since I didn’t use Many Eyes for the visualization — that is because nothing can do a simple visualization as beautifully as Wordle.

Unfortunately, Wordle doesn’t seem to handle Unicode outside the basic Latin range very well (probably because of the fancy fonts), otherwise I would’ve fed it some Siwu text, too. (I think Wordle could be made to work with SIL’s freely available Unicode fonts.)

Queensland grammar scandal at a glance

As an added bonus, here are the 75 most common content words from the recent discussion of the Queensland grammar scandal (sampled from three verbose posts at Language Log and from matjjin-nehen, including comments). It won’t help the debate, but it does give you the brouhaha at a glance. Another different something function. Grammatical grammar. Australian grammar errors indeed.


The 75 most common content words about the Queensland grammar brouhaha in the linguablogosphere

(Link to Wordle found in Cornelis Puschmann‘s feed.)

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