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Two recent studies of ideophones in the Americas

Asheninka Perene speaker (from the ELAR archive)

A quick heads up to note the publication of two nice studies of ideophones by Americanists Janis Nuckolls (BYU) and Elena Mihas (James Cook University).

The first, by Janis Nuckolls, is “Ideophones in Bodily Experiences in Pastaza Quichua (Ecuador)“. It appeared in the proceedings of STLILLA 2011. The latest iteration in a long and fruitful line of work on ideophones by Janis Nuckolls, it analyses verb-ideophone collocations with a special emphasis on embodied meaning.

The second, by Elena Mihas, is “Ideophones in Alto Perené (Arawak) from Eastern Peru“, published in Studies in Language. I’m very excited about this study because it presents a lot of brand new data, both on the ideophone system of Alto Perené and on the ideophone systems of a couple of closely related languages.

  1. Nuckolls, Janis B. 2012. “Ideophones in Bodily Experiences in Pastaza Quichua (Ecuador).” Proceedings of STLILLA 2011. (PDF)
  2. Mihas, Elena I. 2012. “Ideophones in Alto Perene (Arawak) from Eastern Peru.” Studies in Language 36 (2): 300–344. doi:10.1075/sl.36.2.04mih

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