Part IV: Use

Part IV uses a video-recorded corpus of the use of ideophones in naturally occurring talk and special genres of verbal art as the foundation for an empirically grounded investigation of the interactional uses of ideophones. This is the first analysis of ideophones in everyday conversation. Other chapters in this part look at ideophones in special genres and use the corpus to address two long-standing issues in ideophone studies: the question of ideophone creation, and the relation between ideophones and gesture.

  1. How to do things with ideophones: a social interactional approach
    Supplements: audio clips of data extracts
  2. Ideophones in unexpected places: funeral dirges and greetings
    Supplements: audio clips of funeral dirges
  3. Ideophone creation in a corpus of everyday speech
    Supplements: audio clips of data extracts
  4. Ideophones and gesture in everyday speech
    Supplements: video clips exemplifying gesture types