Live Radio 2 interview with Dolf Jansen

I was interviewed by Dolf Jansen on national radio (“Spijkers met Koppen”, VARA, Saturday, 30th January 2010). We talked about ideophones and my field research in Ghana.

[audio:|titles=Interview (7:10)]

I brought some sound samples of everyday conversations in Siwu. Dolf effortlessly identified the ideophones. I particularly loved his spontaneous observation of the special mode of speaking that people enter when they use ideophones:

Je hoort aan de toon dat ze in die- in die klank gaan. Ze klinken anders dan als ze normaal spreken.

(You hear from the intonation that they’re going into that- into that sound. They sound different from when they speak normally.)

The interview was repeated in the August 2010 show as one of the highlights of the season.

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