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My research on perception and ideophones was featured in a television documentary by the science TV show Labyrint (VPRO). The documentary focused on the nature of language and the importance of linguistic diversity, and profiled the work of our Language & Cognition Department at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics.

I was interviewed about my field research on perception and ideophones in Siwu. In the same episode, my colleague Asifa Majid was interviewed about the broader Language of Perception research project as well as her research on smell among the Jahai of Malaysia. The documentary was seen by 332.000 viewers on the evening of the broadcast and streamed online later by another 14.000 viewers.

The first half of the episode featured the work of Deb Roy, Simon Kirby, and several others in a shortened form of the BBC Horizons documentary “Why do we talk?” The second half ws devoted to our research at the MPI. If you’re in The Netherlands, you can watch the whole episode below (or skip to 13:00 in the player below for the second half).

  • Watch the episode online (unfortunately, viewing is restricted to IP addresses from the Netherlands)
  • View the “napraatsessie” that followed the broadcast, in which we were live in the studio to answer questions from Twitter
  • Read the mpi.nl news item about the show
  • Read the Radboud University press release
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